Jack Hipple and Mark Reeves of Innovation-TRIZ were selected by Siemens Westinghouse Power Generation Corporation to conduct a pilot project using TRIZ methods to address one of the most challenging design problems facing the next generation of large, land based gas turbines.

Jack and Mark did an excellent job of setting the stage for this effort by exhaustively pushing the team in the initial problem definition phase and then providing a good basic introduction and training by example in the application of various TRIZ methods. This was followed by two and a half days of well coordinated meetings to address the critical sealing design issue.

As a result of this effort, seventeen possible solutions were identified and four ideas were selected for experimental validation. Subsequent testing in the Siemens Berlin Test Facility resulted in the adoption of one of these ideas.

Throughout the process, Jack and Mark demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and dedication to the problem at hand. They succeeded in motivating a group of bright, but skeptical engine designers and group leaders to stay the course and trust in the methods. The results, attributable in large measure to the enthusiasm, hard work and leadership of these consultants, exceeded our expectations and produced a solution where dozens of previous "brainstorming" meetings had failed. We highly recommend this group of Innovation-TRIZ consultants.

Dr. John A. Spitznagel
Chief Scientist
Siemens Westinghouse Emerging Technologies
1310 Beulah Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15235


Jack's presentation generated interest among dozens of engineers, designers, and chemists from around R&D. They were made aware of this new set of tools called TRIZ and several took additional training in the principles as well as the software.

Some aspects of TRIZ have become ingrained in the company's safety design review culture. New product ideation and technical problem solving sessions have also been run by employees using TRIZ tools.

Doug Gundlach
SC Johnson: A Family Company
Furniture/Floor RD&E
1525 Howe Street, Mail Stop #90
Bldg. 30, 3rd Floor, Cubicle 317
Racine, WI 53403-2236


Jack Hipple taught an excellent seminar on the TRIZ problem solving techniques that I attended. Jack is talented in challenging the way people view the problem solving task and in teaching new techniques to find innovative solutions. I am applying the techniques in my work as a development engineer.

Lee Partin
Senior Scientist
Voridian Corporation
Kingsport, TN


It's probably one of the most valuable short courses that I have ever taken, and I wish more engineers at Fermilab would be able to take it as well.

Michael Geynisman, P.E.