TRIZ Problem Solving and Training
On-site problem solving and training workshops coupling basic training in the relevant (to you) TRIZ problem solving principles coupled with problem solving for one or two of your toughest design or operational problems. These sessions involve 2-4 days of time, for a group of 6-15, plus 1 1/2 -2 days of off-site preparation on our part. Call or Email for approximate costs and availability.

We also offer introductory one-day training in the basic TRIZ principles in order for you to assess the usefulness of the technololgy in your area.

Have you watched different people solve problems in different ways? Have you been in meetings and seen conflict develop between individuals solving or looking at problems in different ways? In the same sense that Myers Briggs tools assess how we relate to other people, Michael Kirton's KAI® assessment tool, starting with a simple 33-question assessment tool, accurately measures an individual's problem solving STYLE (not capability).

At one end of the scale is an adaptive style, and at the other end is an innovative style. Each style has its strengths and weaknesses depending upon the type of problem being solved and the nature of solution desired. The KAI® assessment tool can be imbedded in a TRIZ problem solving session, but can also be the subject of its own workshop.

Future Product Design
We use the TRIZ Lines of Evolution to define the next generations of your products or services. There are hundreds of repeatable, predictable lines and patterns of evolution that serve the same function as TRIZ inventive principles do in engineering problem solving. These lines have also been derived from the study of millions of the world's patents.

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